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             Company logo from 1925
In 1875, a young French pioneer named Albert Eloie Chauvin, began a small business on Bayou Petit Caillou in coastal Louisiana. He had a general store and a boat that he would load with produce, furs and whatever else there was to sell, travel to New Orleans' French Market and sell his goods. Since that time, this small business has grown to be one of the most successful and long-lived family owned businesses in Southern Louisiana. Today, Chauvin Brothers, Inc. in Chauvin, LA (the town bearing Albert's name) has spanned over 130 years and five generations.

The Chauvin family became known for the processing and canning of fresh seafood from this small fishing community. But as time passed, our business started selling specialty items to the fishermen and opened an all purpose store offering groceries, dry goods, hardware, even furniture and appliances. Today we have expanded to supplying quality products for the home such as building materials, floor covering, millwork, doors and windows, plus many other furnishings and decors.

Times have changed considerably since the Chauvin seafood plant opened. The overwhelming growth of Terrebonne Parish and surrounding areas have enticed many larger retail outlets to move in. But what makes Chauvin Brothers unique to these large Big Box stores is the personal relationship with our customers. Almost all of our customers are known by name. More importantly, our service to these customers is second to none.

Because of the foundation and deep roots this business has in this area, we are committed to continue this tradition for many years to come. We are very proud of our heritage and enjoy sharing some of our past with you. Thank You for visiting our site and we look forward to you making a personal visit with us down the bayou!

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